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(portfolio of David Richards)

David Richards

A Multidisciplinary 3D Artist and Photographer based in London UK. Specializing in architecture and interior design, I also have a passion for capturing landscape and environment around us. I have a BA(hons) Degree in Animation and Digital Media and over 14 years in the industry, in that time I’ve gained essential skills, experience and work flows from different design sectors.

These include High-end Architectural Visualisation Studio’s, Traditional Architectural Practices and Global Design and Build Companies.

When ever possible i like to experiment with VR and New Interactive techniques, then apply them to relevant projects when the opportunity arises.


Associate and Visualisation Specialist at Global Design/Strategy/Delivery Company: Unispace

Working at the world renowned Architectural Visualisation studios, Hayes Davidson.

One of the largest Design and Build companies in the UK, Maris Interiors.

And the award winning and largest Architecture studio’s outside of London, Glenn Howell Architects